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art with sound, is a cross-disciplinary collaboration between designers and musicians from japan
and singapore.
the exhibition brings together the complexities of the two disciplines, both innate and compelling to each other.
the result will be an installation and 10 lp-sized albums, each with the designer’s artwork and
musician’s piece.
designers are to create a monochromatic artwork of a1 sized (594 x 841mm] and custom that
artwork for lp size [315x315mm]. The musicians are to create a piece of any length.

themes of this project are followings.
1) tradition & modernity
2) influence & change
3) monochromatic


artless + noiselessly
adapter + the samos
merry + leo sato
raku-gaki + soothe
tycoon graphics + merce death

4femmes + fugu.san
djohan + fezz
phunk studio + victor low (the observatory)
silnt + muon
steve lawler + antigravitychocolate

curation : artless inc. + silnt
exhibition design : upsetters architects
project management : shirofuchi inc.

w+k tokyo blog

exhibition / art with sound™ / dmy berlin 2008